Yaal Complex and Tower

Overview on Yaal Complex and Tower

Yaal Complex and Tower project is considered a versatile project that include a commercial complex and a high-level office tower established over an area of 7183 m2located on the main Al-Dabbous Street in the 33

center of Fahaheel. The project will be a significant landmark in the most important commercial location of this vital area.


We invite you to take advantage of the privileged location of the project located in the center of Al-Dabbous Street in Fahaheel and exploitation of the attraction elements of the promising Al-Ahmadi Governorate with a high population density because of its residential areas, different business sectors, Trade centers and shopping malls. In addition to ministries and educational institutions, our site is an attraction area for many segments of the community of various businesses, whether Kuwaitis or residents living in Fahaheel or neighboring areas such as Mangaf, Ahmadi, Sabahiya and Abu Halifa, as well as visitors coming from Kuwait City or those who attend chalets or resorts located on the coastline.

The office tower, which meets the highest international standards, will also provide self-demand for the services provided by shops and restaurants located in the commercial community.

Yaal Complex

  • Luxury shops extend over an area of 15.002 square meters.
  • More than 70 commercial units.
  • Commercial units with different designs (depending on floor area)
  • Advanced communications infrastructure, security and other smart building features.
  • Modern architectural designs and interiors as well as a distinctive lighting design.
  • Four floors of connected shops overlooking each other.
  • Open space and visibility from all floors connected to the central space.
  • Separate floor involving the finest restaurants that are unique to a wonderful view of the sea, it is connected to its own external panoramic elevator.
  • Facilities for disabled people, prayer rooms and nursery rooms.
  • Central lobbies for restaurants as well as other commercial units dedicated to restaurants and a large parking space that accommodates 488 cars.
  • Highest security and safety standards and absolute commitment to ASTM's construction standards

Yaal Tower

  • 13 floors of offices with distinctive sea views.
  • 39 specified office units extend over an area of 9366 square meters.
  • Special entrance to the office tower.
  • 5 elevators dedicated to customers and visitors of the office tower.
  • Office units with different areas and designs.
  • Distinctive penthouse office on the last floor with private outdoor terrace.
  • Advanced communications infrastructure, security and other smart building features.
  • Modern high-level architectural design and interior design.
  • Direct connection to the mall and restaurants.
  • A floor in the basement parking is designated for office tenants and VIPs.
  • Large parking space that accommodates 488 cars.