Real Estate Department

Real estate Department is considered one of the most important profitable departments in A'ayan Leasing and Investment Company. It manages various real estate properties owned by the company in various real estate sectors and activities represented in commercial, investment, industrial and crafts. This diversification reflects the company's strategy to diversify income generating real estate investment to reduce the degree of risk in investing in this sector.

Also, the Real Estate Department constantly looks for high-profile investment opportunities in the real estate field, while focusing on high profitability and limited risks through owning, selling, purchasing and developing real estate and land plots, both inside and outside Kuwait.

The department also studies investment projects and opportunities presented to the company to enter into it with strategic investors inside and outside the State of Kuwait.

Marketing Plans: 

The Real Estate Department undertakes the marketing and leasing of the real estates owned by the company by preparing carefully studied rental plans, concluding the leasing contracts, collecting the rents, and carrying out the services of the tenants, such as maintenance, security and cleanliness, as well as preparing marketing studies and carrying out advertising campaigns.

In 2018, the investment real estate market faced a decline in rental rates in investment real estate and demand for housing units due to the high supply, lack of demand and the state plan to localize many jobs by replacing Kuwaiti workers instead of expatriate workers.

As for the craft assets owned by the company in the areas (Ardiya and Abu Fteira), 2018 has witnessed a remarkable demand for these areas due to the stability in the rate of return on the property and the increased demand for rental units by investors, which led to a rise in the rental value of the units. Since this contributed to an increase in operating income from KD 2,491 million in 2017 to 626.2 million KD, an increase of 5.4%.

Al-Jahraa Mall Commercial Project:

(A'AYAN Leasing & Investment Company) owns 78.53% of Al-Jahraa Mall and through the marketing plan for the rental of the mall units, the rental rate at the end of 2017 reached 82.31% of the total rental area 16,427.44 m2 and at the end of 2018, the rental rate reached 92.41%, an increase by 10% over the year 2017.