Protecting Shareholders' Rights

The Company's working systems, policies and practices reflect the regulations, rules and instructions issued by the regulators of controls and procedures concerning the protection and equal treatment of shareholders' rights. The Company shall ensure the protection of the basic rights of shareholders relating to the registration, assignment or transfer of ownership, and participate in decisions relating to amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, including capital adjustments.

As well as decisions relating to any unusual transactions that have an impact on the fate of the company or the workflow of its activities, such as merger or sale of a physical part of its assets or the abandonment of subsidiaries.

Emphasizing the importance of disclosure of the capital structure or any arrangements, which could result in the Company has control over certain shareholders with an emphasis on the treatment of all shareholders equally, including small shareholders and foreign shareholders.

All shareholders should have access to the minutes of the general assembly meetings, and have the opportunity to hold the board accountable, correct any violations of their rights.

As well as providing information and data to shareholders in due course in order to enable them to exercise their rights to the fullest and have a complete picture of the company's business and activities and all aspects related thereto.