Disclosure Policy and Procedures

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Framework of Transparency and Disclosure Policy

Based on the firm belief of the company in the effective role of the principles of disclosure and transparency, which are approved by the relevant laws and regulations that stand as a guarantee to achieve integrity and credibility of the securities trading market in the interest of the company’s shareholders and customers. It is also reflected positively on the company's reputation in the local and regional circles. The company has proceeded to an effective system of comprehensive disclosure, which requires the obligation to disclose various types of disclosures required according to laws and regulations; it is based on three main aspects:

  • Disclosure of essential information of the company.
  • Disclosure of Interests.
  • As well as regulation of dealing in securities for informed persons.

The company shall make the necessary disclosures about the essential information that has the essential impact on the Company's financial position. This may affect the investor's prudent decision when trading on the company's security or any of its affiliates, in accordance with the time limit for such disclosures.

This protects the investment interests of the company and ensures the disclosure of essential information in due course. The company shall also be committed to disclose all interests where the person representing the beneficiary, whether directly or indirectly, in partnership with others or disclosure of the Group's ownership and collective investment schemes in

accordance with the specific frameworks set out in the relevant laws and regulations.

To ensure the principle of transparency and fairness for all dealers alike on the company's name, whether they are from the general public or insiders within the Company and its subsidiaries, the Company shall regulate the trading of insiders with access to essential information in accordance with the laws and regulations. By ensuring effective measures to maintain the confidentiality of internal information and ascertaining that it is dealt with confidentiality as necessary as needed, except disclosure requirements in accordance with the laws and regulations of both the Company and its customers. While emphasizing the approval of contractual arrangements with service providers that regulate insider trading, keeping up-to-date records of insiders and providing regulators with such records, as well as keeping the trading record, notifications of insiders and members of the board of directors, and obtaining necessary declarations by insiders regarding it.