Committees of the BOD

In order to improve the effectiveness of the supervision of the company's board of directors, the Board of Directors will form the following sub-committees:

Board of Directors’ Audit Committee

The audit committee is responsible for determining and supervising the sufficiency of income control and auditing functions of the company and at the same time ensuring compliance with applicable laws, policies, instructions, code of conduct and applicable business ethics. Committee Members' names:

  • Mr. Abdulaziz Naser Al-Marzouq (Chairman)
  • Mr. Talal Mohammad Reda Behbehani
  • Mr. Riyad Nasser Al-Bader

Risk Management Committee

This committee is responsible for conducting a review and reporting to the Board on the approved current and future risk management strategy, in conjunction with supervising the implementation of this strategy by the executive management. It is also keen to provide effective systems for risk management and the independence of these tasks. Committee Members' names:

  • Mr. Talal Mohammed Reda Behbehani (Chairman)
  • Mr. Riyad Nasser Al-Bader
  • Mr. Nasser Ibrahim Bourisly

Remuneration and Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for making recommendations and submitting them to the Board on the nomination to the Board and reviewing its structure on a yearly basis, in particular to evaluate the performance of the Board in total and the performance of each member on a yearly basis. It also develops the remuneration policy for all employees of the company in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the committee is responsible for filling vacancies in senior positions of executive management while ensuring that qualified staff is recruited in conjunction with performance standards and succession plans.

Members' names:

  • Mr. Abdulaziz Naser Al-Marzouq (Chairman)
  • Mr. Talal Mohammed Reda Behbehani
  • Mr. Mansour Hamad Al-Mubarak